summer of love




Were you with us last year for summer of love? Great! This summer is full of completely new content. Also new? It will also be arriving exclusively via email.

Are you new to summer of love? Welcome. Summer of love is a free program that lasts all summer long.


  • Once a week you will get a handcrafted email.
  • Each one focuses on a small change for you that creates an enormous impact on your parenting.
  • A change that makes parenting easier, and more full of joy.
  • You’ll have a chance to read it, click it, save it, hear it {new this year! audio files!}. Whatever way works best for you in the fun of the sun.
  • For the extroverts, we’ll have a facebook group where we can gather to discuss — ideas – successes – strategies. {worry not, introverts, the content comes to you in our emails. the social stuff? that’s simply there for support}.
  • By the time September arrives, we’ll have created a string of the best kind of moments. A string of emotional twinkle lights. full of love.


Ready to share in the love? add your email and we’ll be sure to get you signed up for all good things Evolving Parents and the Summer of Love emails will be hand delivered to your inbox. every week.


when will your inbox be full love of love? officially, summer of love starts

in the meantime, we’ll be sure to send some extra love your way.

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