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Have you ever wished for…

parenting pixie dust?

You’ve landed in just the right place. Parenting can be exhausting and overwhelming. It isn’t always what we had imagined. It is hard in ways we cannot even begin to describe. And there are questions. Lots of them. But so far, no one has been quite the right person to ask.

I’m so glad we’ve found each other. Because my work is to answer your questions. To help you shift from feeling worn-out to well-loved. To create the changes that make parenting grow from the mundane into something more. Together we can tackle sleep, discipline, siblings, and all of your child-raising concerns.

The solutions we develop will be uniquely yours. From toddler tantrums to teenage angst, we create family-specific change that works. In short, my job is to bring the parenting “Pixie Dust” expertise to you. Then I stand back and watch you make magic.

We can meet over the phone, on FaceTime or in the office…no matter our social distance, we can connect.

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Sleep deprivation erodes our confidence, destroys our equilibrium, undermines our abilities. And then there’s what it does to the kids. It leaves us all crazy....
Get Some Sleep

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That feeling. The feeling you have when tempers flair, words get louder, and steam might actually start pouring out of your ears… And the thoughts...
Help Me!

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So. You have two {or more} kiddos. And you thought it would mean so much for your first born to have a pal. A comrade....
Get Some Peace

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return to me

Do you ever look at your life and wonder, where am I? I’ve been a mother for over a dozen years, and I’ve been mulling...


10-ish minute conversations filled with laughter, love and the truth that parenting is better with friends.

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