eggs, part deux

While in Seattle this past weekend, our graduating cohort spent many hours laughing, crying, and meandering.  A little shop on Queen Anne had this gem I couldn’t pass up.


The quote around the sides reads:

The family is one of nature’s greatest masterpieces ~ George Santayana.

Which brings us full circle  (full ova?).  What is your image?  When you relax and close your eyes, what is there, just behind your eyelids?  And what feelings does it represent?  Can you make space for that inside yourself so you can call upon it at any time when you need to be grounded and uplifted?  It’s like the Gotham city bat-signal in reverse.  Instead of shining it out into the sky to call for someone else’s super-natural help, it is a beacon you can shine within to call forth your own super hero-ness.  What is your image?  Your inner logo?  The color of your cape?  Keep me posted.

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