no words

Passed. Loss of Life.  Eternal Rest.  Widow. Widower. Orphan.  We have words to describe death and we have others to identify the survivors.

Unless.  Unless it is the death of a child.  For the surviving parent we have no words.  Why?  Perhaps because the human heart of a mourning parent cannot be transcribed by the words of mortals.

Yesterday she was alive.  Today she is gone.

Today touch your child’s cheek.  Breathe in their scent.  Listen to their peals of laughter.  Taste their salty tears.  See all that they bring to the Earth.  Embrace all of their beautiful imperfectness.  Love them with an overflowing heart.

Then, please, release your love into the universe for my friend Phoenix.  Stand with her in her sorrow.  Hold her up in the days ahead.

Hold her, for the times when the Earth ceases to spin, when the sun cannot light the days.

Hold her, when grief’s gravity pulls at every cell.

Hold her, as anguish tears at her limbs.

Hold her, as memories of her daughter flood her soul.

Hold her in your prayer traditions, your quiet meditations.


Hold her.  For her heart is broken.  There are no words.  Only Love.


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