Murphy’s Law

Yesterday I traveled over 400 miles, past rolling hills and pasture lands.   I drove along country roads and scenic byways, multi-lane highways and quiet lanes.  I passed million resident metropolises and tiny towns.  All the way to Philomath, Oregon.  Population 4,610.

Now 4, 609.

Yesterday all roads brought me to Murphy.  You know, our friend Murphy.  Wait.  You hadn’t met?

Let me introduce you.  Murphy lived out loud.  She was filled with a gentle sweetness.  She danced with a wild heart.  She ran races and came in last.  With a huge smile.  She loved with her whole being.  She would throw open a front door and announce “Murph is in the HOUSE.”

She defined persistence.  She found a way over or around when through didn’t work.  She held nothing back.  She was true to herself.  Later wasn’t on Murphy’s mind.  The moment was at hand.  That was what mattered.  Wise young woman, Murphy.

So you see, you were Murphy’s friend even if you didn’t yet know her.  Murphy gifted everyone with friendship.  Everyone.

So ask Murphy in, throw open the door.   Invite her to the house of your soul.  She can teach you to how to quiet your inner critic, how to set aside the restraints that hold you back.  She’ll show you how to walk with kindness, love with abandon, and how to plant joy.  She’ll stand beside you as you learn to delight in the effort, not focus on the end.

Yesterday the roads I travelled also brought me home.  And as I drove I watched a flaming red sun set on the horizon.  Intellectually I could say it was colored by the haze of distant fires.  But I know better.  It was Murphy.

Because Murphy isn’t gone.  She is right here.  In each one of us, her friends.  Look for her.  Recognize Murphy in the face of a stranger.  Watch her in the dance of your child.  Appreciate her as you set aside judgment.  Know her as you embrace difficulty.  Be with her as you walk in the world with peace and light and love.  When you feel her, when you see her, when you follow Murphy’s Laws, let me know.  Keep me posted.

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