The Two Martini Lunch

Remember Hang On Little Tomato?  It was my very first blog post two years ago on New Year’s Eve.  And with it went Pink Martini’s catchy tune of the same title.

Remember last year that I promised a name for the category of fun, funky, light-hearted maybe even slightly irreverent posts?  You don’t?  Let me remind you.  It was when I wrote about explosive doggie diarrhea.  (yes, I wish I could forget it, too).

So I’m here to bring things full circle and finally name names with a wink and nod back to the beginning.  I’m going to call these posts ‘The Two Martini Lunch’.  Not that I’m getting sloshed at noon (really, Mom, I’m not).  But the idea of The Two Martini Lunch serves as an antidote to the days when you are watching the clock tick-tock and wondering if it’s bending the rules if you use Greenwich Mean Time as your chronometer.  A name to invoke that sense of carefree abandon and a little bit of distance from always being a responsible adult.  And it reminds me of just such day last summer when I sat on the lawn at the Woodland Park Zoo with my sweetest of pals Kelli listening to Pink Martini charm us as the hot summer sun set.  (you can read Kelli’s recap of our adventure here.  Then seriously stay awhile.  She is a fabulous blogger to follow).

So.  We’ve covered the naming thing.  Moving On.

It is in keeping with the theme of The Two Martini Lunch that I am introducing Parenting Bites. Because sometimes parenting is exactly how you imagined it would be….and sometimes…Parenting Bites.  And we just need a morsel, a sweet confection of words to reassure, to guide, to help.

Parenting Bites is starting here, at my office.  Tuesdays at lunch or Wednesday for breakfast.  Bring your meal, $5, and any parenting question.  (want the details?  find them here).

That’s all fine and good, but what if you aren’t in  the land of endless rain Olympia?  We can run Parenting Bites from a distance.  So gather up your colleagues and let’s find a time to chat.  Because while our area codes may be different, the issues of parenting aren’t.

Can’t make it to my office?  If you are in the OlyPeeps area, I can come to you.

So let’s do lunch.

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