Emily McMason – Superhero to Moms and Dads Everywhere

An article featuring Evolving Parents on ThurstonTalk.com

All of us parents spend an awful lot of time building our nests.

We are so skilled at the very feathering of them. We coo over cribs and nursing pillows and tiny outfits and make seven-page birthing plans (Wait – you didn’t?). We agonize over the names of our kids, which must meet that “cute-but-professional-sounding” criterion.

We buy the books. We (mostly) read them.

In this age of Pinterest, there’s almost a competition for the most magazine-worthy nursery or the most adorable first birthday party.

We do all this fussing about, and somewhere we kind of get distracted from the fact that building and feathering is not exactly parenting – there are actual children who need raising.

Enter local personal and parenting coach, Emily McMason. She knows what to do once those eggs hatch and your nest is a mess of craziness and sleep-deprivation. She can step in when your hatchlings seem to want to kill one another, whether they’re toddlers or teens.

The full article is here.

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