Serenity. Now.

This one is dedicated to my brother Alex and his fabulous wife Erica. We gather with kids, parents & grandparents each summer for a week on the shores of Lake Chelan. And while some might call it a ‘vacation’, it sometimes feels more like a ‘trip’. Because even if we are away from our homes, we don’t get to escape our parenting lives. Which means we often look at one another and say ‘serenity. now’. This drink was a total hail mary. I’d come prepared to share the fabulous lavender cosmo from Ramblin’ Jacks…but it turned out we could find exactly none of what we needed to make it. So Alex bought a little of this and a bit of that, and what resulted was leagues away from what I had wanted…but we still hit serenity.

  • 2 parts orange vodka
  • splash of grand marnier (about 1/4 of the vodka)
  • 1-2 parts cranberry juice (to taste)
  • muddled lime

Muddle your lime slices. Add in ice & your liquids. shake. pour. if you want a bit of bubbles, add either tonic water or seltzer.

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