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We touch our children all the time–to help them, lift them, guide them. This week, take a few seconds a day to reach out–to touch–simply for the sake of connection.


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Before we get to Favorite Book Fridays….A picture from my week.
I spoke at Charles Wright Academy in Tacoma — examining the link between children’s motivation & learning and the surprising research about how best to help them. 

I love speaking to parents at schools–preschools, elementary school, middle, and of course high schools. {did you know that once upon a time I was a high school physics teacher? it’s true. and I loved it.}

Would you like to have me come speak at your child’s school? I would be delighted to do it. You can pick a topic from this list, or we can work together to craft a topic that best meets the needs of your group of  parents. Reply to this email, or give me a call (360-951-0563) and we can get started!

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