follow in their footsteps

We often think about how our children might follow us in life. What would life be like if we followed them? Allowed them to set the pace? Gave us direction? How would they feel if they were in charge of your interactions for 5 or even 10 minutes each day? Try it. Let me know. Follow in their footsteps.

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It’s birthday season at our house, which means many quirky family traditions, including this one:
Everyone gets to drop a ring around a candle, and everyone sitting around the table gets to make a wish–whether it is their birthday or not. Traditions are those rituals that make life matter. They tie us together over years and decades and generations.

Today is my birthday–and one of the things I would love most is to hear from you. What birthday traditions did you love as a child, and which ones are you creating for your own children?

What did I get this morning? jigsaw puzzles from my children, time and location to sneak away and write from my husband {they all know me oh-so-well!}. From my parents support for new professional development — the benefits of which will be coming your way this summer!

And from the youngest of them all? These words of wisdom in my birthday card from Eleanor.


so from our family to yours:  happy April. May it be filled with candles & light & wishes & joy & of course, love.

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