lilacs & purple hair

Tantrum troubles with a toddler? Wondering how to survive past 3 p.m. with a preschooler? Listening to a not-so-nice-tone from a teenager? We’ve all been there. Moments when parenting is at its hardest. When we really really wish we were anywhere but there.

Quickest way back? Remember that baby. Grab your phone, your photo album, the picture crushed by the other contents of the junk drawer. Dig out the one you love the most. That drooly face. The toothy grin. The crashed-out in your arms.

Picture that. Remember them then. Somewhere in that toddler or teen, the sweet little baby remains. Talk to that baby. Listen to that little one. See if it helps bring back the love.

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Speaking of babies, last week in social media land, I promised a picture of my own baby-dom. And yes, they will get to see them, but you? You always get everything first. So here they are. The funny part? On Saturday morning Eleanor arrived home from the neighbors with fresh lilac blossoms. I told her how much I loved the smell–how much it reminded me of my Nana. Then on Saturday afternoon my Mom arrived, completely spontaneously with these two photos in tow. Kismet, right?  But it got me thinking…do I associate lilacs with my Nana because of the scent or…because of the color of her hair back then? Ah, the 70’s. Here are a few from that decade to make you laugh.


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