ebb & flow

Yesterday was all about my daughter. Nearly every minute of it. From the time she woke to the time I tucked her in, it was all about Eleanor. Including our date…
more evolving moments on instagram.

Why so much quantity & quality of time? Because the week before I had been more focused on Cole.

This is the way life really happens. At least my life. There is an ebb & flow to it. For a time, we’re giving more here, then it shifts and we give more there. It isn’t truly balanced. Not really. Nor should it be.

Heather & I talked about the power of leading an unbalanced life in our very first podcast (which you can find here— scroll down to #1).

Life isn’t a static balance, it shifts as we go. Spring is totally spring-ish until it is summer. The key, I think, is seeing where you are, and then knowing when it is time to change.

What is your ebb & flow? How do you know when it is time for change? Send me a reply, I’d love to know.


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