daylight savings


Oh daylight savings. I used to love you. Before kids. When I actually got that extra hour to use as I pleased. Wondering how to help your littles through the transition?

  • Ignore the clock Sunday morning.
  • Stick to their usual schedule, then, day by day, shift nap & bedtimes slowly.
  • You can start now, you don’t have to wait until it is ‘official’.
  • The younger the child, the more slowly you need to go–a baby just a few months old can tolerate a change of a few minutes a day (5-10). A toddler can usually handle 15 minute shifts, a preschooler 30 minutes or so, etc.
  • If your child starts waking up earlier in the morning than usual, STOP. It means they are getting over-tired. Stay at the current times for a few days, then continue.
  • Over the course of a week or two, you’ll get them adjusted to the new time.
  • Have questions about this or any other sleep issues? Let’s connect! or (360) 207-4708.

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