It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”
At least, that’s what’s been blaring from speakers as we run errands, commute, go through our mid-November daily lives.Or, we hear something else. The very opposite.
“The total in Beirut.”
“Yesterday in Paris,”
“A boat filled with children…”
And we stop. Hold our breath. Wonder. Worry.Then the music returns.It’s disorienting. Numbing. Confusing. For us, and for our kids.

So this week, if you need a little guidance, a bit of insight, it’s here for you.

Starting with the news. If talking to your children about tragedies is challenging, here are a couple of perspectives. The first is what I wrote after Boston, to help children when they are bombarded by news accounts. The second specifically addresses how to help children process the death of another child—whether it is someone they know or after seeing images or hearing stories of children who have died.

Returning to the music. If thinking meaningfully about gifts feels just beyond your grasp right now, here’s a guide for thoughtful gift giving. It works for kids ages 1 to 92. A set of 5 questions to ask for each gift, if you get a yes, you are good to go. The questions were inspired by the Vital Five–the essential needs of children.

Children. Ours and others. I’ll be thinking about yours as the holidays draw near, and will be wishing for peace for all in the new year.


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