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Parenting. It takes energy. Dedication. And some days? No matter how hard we work? We’re more than ready for the day to end. And some days? Kicking back at the end is all about celebrating what went right.


evolving parents is here for you. For all of your parenting days. We provide personal & parent coaching through private sessions, small groups (from the fun of your living room! or, well, right now, zoom), workshops & seminars, and keynotes. Each offering is designed to help with the day-to-day-ness of life. getting you from worn-out to well loved.

Why? We don’t live in small villages anymore. Our parents, aunts, uncles, those we would have turned to for guidance, no longer live two huts away. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Because, let’s be honest, we don’t always want our mother’s advice. But there are moments when we are stuck. Or confused. Even lost. And we need an outside perspective.


I was a astrophysics geek. I studied the stars at Wellesley College and thought my professional life would be spent in the clouds. But along the way, I decided it wasn’t enough to do science, I wanted to teach it. So I went back to school.

And earned my Master’s Degree in Education from Harvard University. And so my teaching career began. As I collected accolades and awards, I learned that teaching, at its best, is parenting. It is the mash-up of experienced wisdom and exuberant newness. I’ve been in college lecture halls, high school science labs, elementary school classrooms and preschool circles. And along the way, we started our family. And I decided it wasn’t enough to teach children, I wanted to work with their parents, too. So I went back to school, again.

This time to earn a graduate certificate as a Parent Coach from the PCI at Seattle Pacific University. Now I have a private practice as a personal & parent coach. My clients are families with children who are preemies to pre-meds, which means I work with parents and kiddos of all ages. We address everything from toddler tantrums to blending families. And a lot on sleep, discipline and siblings. Especially sleep for parents of little ones.

So I went back to school yet again. I went to sleep school, so you don’t have to. So now I can add sleep specialist to my list of job titles.

So that’s me. If you like the bullety-point version better:


  • PCI Certified Parent Coach® – Parent Coaching Institute at Seattle Pacific University
  • Master’s degree in Education from Harvard University
  • Post-graduate sleep program from International Maternity Institute
  • B.A. Astronomy / Physics from Wellesley College
  • monthly contributor to Forbes #3 parenting website
  • South Puget Sound Community College Parent Educator
  • Mom of a son & a daughter
  • Hands On Children’s Museum Executive Board Member
  • NOVA middle school board member
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Thurston County Community Advisory Council
  • member of the American Counseling Association & International Coach Federation

Ready to begin? I can’t wait to connect! so click right here to make contact. Want to read words on the page? Here’s more about coaching & here’s my parenting blog.

She has incredible credentials, but the best part is how "down to earth" she is

“Today I was asked to state someone that I admired. I immediately thought of Evolving Parents founder Emily McMason. She has truly been a life-saver. She has incredible credentials, but the best part is how "down to earth" she is. She has been an educator and life coach for me and I truly appreciate everything she has to offer.”

Mindi, Olympia, WA



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