a great term, right? calendarize. As in, if I don’t put it on the calendar, it doesn’t exist. A friend said it to me recently. And it just stuck. And now I think of her each time I say it. Now you get to say it. And do it. Here are the calendars for our Summer of Love.

Go ahead and download, save & print them out. One each for June | July | August. One for now of the weekly calendar & the me calendar. If you want to be set for the season? You’ll need 11 of each the weekly & the me.

And don’t worry if they don’t quite make sense yet. We’ll get to every line. I pinky promise.


soooooo…in my house, one of the words on the ‘banned word list’ {not that there is an actual list, but you know what I mean} is the word ‘perfect’. because none of us are. turns out, I was unwittingly practicing my imperfection when I made the calendars. the july one began on a sunday, instead of a tuesday. so here’s the correction. thanks for loving me, imperfections and all. xoxo





A special word about planning. meal planning. For some of us {ok, at least for me} it can be the bane of the day. I often think to myself, I have to put something together again? If this feels even slightly familiar, click on over to this page — FreshScratch. This is my friend Kelli’s blog about life, food, family – all fresh, from scratch. She includes recipes as well, like this recent post about her Dad, and blueberry pancakes. And even if you are a devoted foodie, she writes fabulous book & movie reviews and the sweetest musings on life. Totally worth reading & following!


Another comment about food. Pictures. Pictures have saved us. See all the sticky-note book marks? There is a photo for every recipe in these books. My kiddos have gone through, page by page, and marked the dishes that look good to them. Then we can meal plan: a dinner for you, a dinner for him, a dinner for her…you get the idea.


So if it helps, think visually. Play with your food {in pictures}. Print them out. Make your own cookbook. Let your little ones plan the week with you through pictures.


As for the ones we use, each recipe is a handful of easy, fresh ingredients. We have lots of food allergies at our house, and every recipe we’ve tried has been easy to adapt to our needs. if you want to know more about the ones we use, here are the links:

Everyday Food: Great Food Fast



Everyday Food: Fresh Flavor Fast: 250 Easy, Delicious Recipes for Any Time of Day (Everyday Food (Clarkson Potter))



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