love notes

When I was a little girl, my Mom would leave us little messages. Tucked into lunches or hidden under pillows, she placed them just where we would find them, just when we needed them.

They were written on 3 x 5 cards, and on the back was a simple signature “love notes, inc.” And when I moved away to college and then moved again around the country, I would send them in return. “love notes, east coast div.” or “love notes, rocky mtn. div.” My Mom still writes love notes, most often to her grandchildren. They are still saved, still savored, stored along side of other childhood treasures.

As parents, we can use Love Notes, too. Short messages of simple ways to love. our children. ourselves. our lives, just as they are, right now.

When you sign up for emails each Monday morning #lovenotes will arrive in your inbox. Just when you need them. Just before the week winds up to crazy-break-neck-speeds, #lovenotes are there to give you a break. A place to breathe. A reminder to be. And to love.

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