10-ish minute conversations filled with laughter, love and the truth that parenting is better with friends.

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Episode 6: When Parenting Gets Dark–postpartum. We are so thrilled, aren’t we? Shouldn’t we be? If we aren’t thrilled, we secretly worry, doesn’t that make us not a good mom? a worthy mom? Doesn’t it mean we don’t love our baby? It means none of those things at all. It means this big, huge, life-altering experience has changed us. And we can get love & support & help to come back into the light.

return to me {podcast #5}

Episode 5: Return To Me. {and by me I mean YOU}. This podcast is all about the online program dedicated to you.

We’ve had a fabulous class! But don’t worry, it’s not over. Not by a long shot. You can absolutely still join and participate fully in the program. For all the details, here it is.

And remember, as always, the technology part of any class is completely optional. Because the extroverts? they love that stuff. but us introverts? we’re pretty darn pleased when we get to think, reflect, and write on our own. So worry not–if group Facebooks pages aren’t your style, all content will still come to you.

miscarriages {podcast #4}

Episode 4: miscarriages. they leave us breathless. and turned upside-down. in this podcast we talk about it all–including how others respond: the good, the ugly, and the silent. come listen to learn about how to find your feelings and join the supportive sisterhood.

Episode 3: full families. is there idea spacing between kiddos? how do you know when you are “done”? and what if you and your partner have different answers to this question?

Episode 2: acknowledging expectations. parenting is hard work. dealing with our preconceived notions makes it even harder. here’s how to let go.

Episode 1: balance. it’s a myth. and really? there is something that is better– this podcast is all about the importance of leading an unbalanced life.