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one-on-one coaching.

It might be about parenting. It might be personal. It might be by yourself. It might be with your partner. It might be a full 50-minute session. It might be a concise 30 minutes. It might be in person or it might be on the phone. You’ll always leave with a deeper understanding of what is going on and action steps to take. Always.



for groups.

have a play group? book club? 5 o’clock club? Group sessions are for small numbers (5-20 people). The time can be a formal talk, or a casual Q & A. Let me know your details, your wishes, all that you want from the night (or day!) we’ll make it happen.




seminars & workshops.

From Q & A format to multi-media presentation. From siblings to safety. Each event is structured for your community’s unique needs. And the talk is crafted to your content. Click to see a list of what I’ve done, and know, I am always interested in creating something new, to meet the needs of your event.




I speak at schools, non-profits, organizations, and with other communities for an individual event or ongoing series. Each talk is tailored to meet the event’s unique audience. Here’s additional information, including a list of recent speaking engagements topics.



I just wish I could take Emily home with me

I just wish I could take Emily home with me.”

Geneva, Lacey, WA

I live between Seattle and Portland in the quaint, eclectic capital Olympia, WA. Here’s a photo of my sweet office space. Doesn’t it look just right? Ready to connect? Here’s how to Contact me.


Not in Kansas anymore?

Me neither. Whether you live in Quebec, or Atlanta, or just down the street, any coaching can happen in person, over the phone, or via Skype. No matter your address, we can connect.  Contact me.

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