19 years ago tomorrow I shared my first kiss with my husband.

You could argue that that kiss lead to evolving parents. So, in honor of that lip smack, this week we are spreading the love.

Here are the details: any time in the next 4 days you:
1. subscribe to evolving parents email (look to the right for sign up),
2. comment on twitter about us, #evolvingparents
3. share / invite your friends to ‘like’ us on FB (again, use #evolvingparents as you share the page so I can track you- in a non-creepy-NSA kind-of-way) you get entered into the giveaway contest!

You can enter as many times as you want via twitter or FB {sorry, you can’t subscribe over and over…and who would want an inbox of duplicates, anyway?}.
The prize? YOU get to choose: either a free 50 minute session with me OR an advance copy of my upcoming eWorkbook on Positive Discipline.
Ready, Set, Share! ♥ xoxo. Emily

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