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That feeling. The feeling you have when tempers flair, words get louder, and steam might actually start pouring out of your ears… And the thoughts are racing through your mind:

  • How did we get here?
  • Why does this keep happening?
  • What can I do differently?
  • When will this ever end?

now. it can end now.

Welcome to intentional discipline. A place to develop a plan and a perspective that moves you. Away from seeing discipline as a punishment you do to your child, and towards a view of seeing it as guidance you do with them. Intentional Discipline covers how to do it, what to say, why it works.

Intentional Discipline begins with a program. A series of workbooks, in which each chapter covers one part of discipline in depth: explaining theory, giving real-life examples {be ready to laugh at what has happened at my house}, asking reflective questions and providing step-by-step homework to put it into practice. It explains: what effective discipline is, how to do it, when we can help kids learn, who we want to be in ‘those’ moments, where is the best place to teach, and why this all matters. At the end you have built your own discipline plan that works — no matter what the issue. meltdown in a big box store? you’ll know what to do. end-of-day-crazies? you’ll have it covered. manners and attitudes and messes oh, my? check. check. check. From toddlers to teens, the workbook guides you and gives you the framework for disciplining effectively. your way. {$137}

Are you a DIYer? A rugged individualist? An introvert’s introvert? Then the workbook is fabulous for you.

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Looking for additional connection? Here’s where we can meet one-on-one to work together on your discipline challenges. You choose when you’d like to talk: before you begin, in the middle of, or after you’ve finished the workbook. The choice is all yours. I’m here whenever you need me. We’ll focus on what is happening, how you are feeling, where you’d like to make change. No matter if you live nearby or nearly on the other side of the globe, we can connect. {$267}

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A way that involved love and grace

“Thanks Emily!   I knew you would have a way that involved love and grace instead of frustration! Thank you for helping me. You REALLY ARE THE BEST!”

Jennifer F, Olympia, WA


Is your discipline question specific instead of systemic? No worries! Hop right over here to contact me and we can book a full or half session to address your discipline needs!

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