personal & parent coaching for existing clients

one-on-one coaching:

Full session. you & me. A quiet, safe, trusting environment in which to explore personal & parental issues. We focus on transformational change- examining where you are, what strengths you bring, where you’d like to be and how to get you there. You’ll always leave with a deeper understanding of what is going on and action steps to take. Always.
50 minute session / $120.

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I just wish I could take Emily home with me

I just wish I could take Emily home with me.”

Geneva, Lacey, WA

Easy Breezy. Easy Breezy sessions are over the phone, last 15 minutes, occur within 72 hours, and cost $40.  Answers to your question that fits your family and your way of parenting. For more info & to purchase:

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couples coaching:

you & you & me. Partners are welcomed together to explore personal & parenting issues. Parenting is a dance. And two parents parenting? It isn’t easy to know when to step in and when to bow out as your partner whirls around with your child. We’ll have constructive, compassionate, and compelling conversations that lead to better communication and easier partner switching. Promise. 50 minute session / $150.

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Brains and Heart

"She is the perfect match for us--brains and heart."

Steven, Olympia, WA

Would you like to read more about what working together is like? Here’s an article one Mama wrote about her experience with me: What I did to Save Myself from a Mom Meltdown.

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