Parenting. It’s like the garage. Sometimes it’s neat and orderly and you can find exactly the tool you’re looking for. Other times, the clutter turns into chaos, and we mumble under our breath ‘if I could only find…’

Welcome to the Tool Belt. A Father’s Day gift for Dads.

A set of personal 20-minute conversations, that take place every week. At a time in his schedule that works. We’ll talk about whatever is happening at your house. And we’ll add just the right tool for the job.

No muss. No fuss. Over the phone or in person- whichever works best. Because when the weather gets nice, who wants to be stuck in the garage trying to figure out what will work?

Let’s get outside and have fun with the kids.

Here’s to summer. Happy Father’s Day.

Wondering where to start? The Standard Tool Belt is a set of four conversations, once a week, for a month. ($99)

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Think that more tools would be better? Want the expanded offer?  Get the double-sized gift that meets for 8 weeks. ($199)

buy The Legacy Tool Belt

Emily is a gift.

Matt, Olympia, WA

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As always, I work with parents in my hometown of Olympia, WA as well as those whose homes are across the country. Don’t worry. We’ll connect.

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