fresh paint!

The evolving parent’s nest is branching out to a new location. Wondering why? Well…

It is incredibly sad, but true. Piper’s Playground is closing it’s doors just before Thanksgiving.

Which means Evolving Parents is moving. And I’ve found a charming new location of branches on which to perch my business nest. The transition for one-on-one sessions, couples and family work will be seamless. My office at Piper’s will close on Wednesday November 27 and reopen at 208 Rogers St on the Westside of Olympia, just north of the corner of Rogers and Harrison on Monday December 2, 2013.

To mark the change I am offering a Fresh Paint Special! If you contact me by Dec 31st and mention this deal, you will receive 20% off any service at my new location. What do I do? well…I work one-on-one, with couples and families. I meet with PTA’s, book clubs, play groups, and organizations. I offer classes, seminars and workshops. From the quiet personal meetings to  formal, techie presentations and casual Q & A’s, I’m always available}

Call (360) 951-0563 or contact me today!

{for more information about the change, you can read about it here.}

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