today is about figuring out your spot. your place. THE HUB. the location in your house, on a shelf, tucked into your work calendar, wherever it may be, that allows you to organize this summer of love. We’re going to be printing calendars and making lists (they will be fun! I promise!) and we want to be able to find them at a moment’s notice. So, wander around…find your hub.

Here are some HUBs from my house, including: a tiny section of a bookshelf dedicated to our daily lives; our week-at-a-time chalkboard HUB, where everyone can see all that is happening for the week ahead; our bulletin HUB with our family values, rules, personal goals, kid chores, etc. {we’ll be talking about how to frame and write values / rules / goals as the summer goes on…}; a HUB on the go example, you can file by person, event, timeline, whatever works best. And it can travel with you- or fit some place small; and finally a string it out for all to see HUB. {you can click on each image to enlarge them}








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