pencils 2014 is an exciting year here at Evolving Parents! It is the roll out of a series of e-classes & workbooks– all based on talks Emily has given in years past.




The first in the series is focusing on intentional discipline. Come check it out and join us!

Discipline is one of the hardest parts of parenting. We want to help out our children. We want them to learn. {And honestly, we wish they would learn it quickly!}. And we’d really love it if it went smoothly without meltdowns from either party.

Welcome to the Red Light / Green Light e-class.

It is all about discipline. How to do it, what to say, why it works.

Each week I will send you a chapter of my Intentional Discipline Workbook. Each chapter covers one part of discipline in depth: explaining theory, giving examples, asking reflective questions and providing step-by-step homework to put it into practice.

Throughout the class we will look at WHAT effective discipline is, HOW to do it, WHEN we can help kids learn, WHO we want to be in ‘those’ moments, WHERE is the best place to teach, and WHY this all matters.

Along side of this will be a private facebook page for everyone participating in the class. This community is designed as a place for you to pose questions to me and the group, connect with parents who have children the same age / stage of development / temperamental traits as yours, and find support for the journey of parenting.

The class will run for 8-10 weeks {the extra time is there in case we need a ‘pause’ week or two along the way} contact me now to join!

Not on PayPal? Not a problem. Contact me and we can arrange payment!


Still on the fence? Wondering whether it actually works? Here’s one of my favorite comments about it:
“My relationship with my daughter has COMPLETELY changed since that parenting class I took. Thank you!”

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