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Keynotes by Emily McMason

I speak at schools, non-profits, organizations, and with other communities for an individual event or ongoing series. Each talk is tailored to meet the event’s unique audience.

One of the best keynotes I have heard

"Emily McMason was phenomenal! One of the best keynotes I have heard …everyone in the room was taking notes on their programs!"

Katya Miltimore, Executive Director, Boys and Girls Club of Thurston County

Recent speaking engagements have focused on:

  • Tweens, Teens & Transitions. The top ten issues in the years ahead.
  • The Equation for Success. examining the link between children’s motivation & learning and the surprising research about how best to help them.
  • EQ & ADHD. Growing a child’s emotional intelligence.
  • Mindful Media. Our children are growing up in a media world far different from the one we experienced. How do we critique content, teach kids how to make savvy decisions, and together set healthy media boundaries?
  • Sticks & Stones. Bullying, relational aggression, the wheel of problem solving, & why we want kids to tell.
  • Parenting Bravely.
  • Red light / Green light. How to stop the crash & burns when you are disciplining your kids.
  • IQ / EQ. Getting smart about our feelings.
  • Recess Rules. A lot happens on the playground. Our kids have conversations we never hear about. They are exposed to all kinds of things. Including stuff that worries us. How can we help them to make great decisions when we aren’t around?
  • 11 oceans: How to cross the divide from best practices to medical practice–helping physicians discuss parenting with patients.
  • additional topics can be found here.
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She is truly the total package

“Having had the chance to present with Emily McMason on a panel, I feel so strongly that she is truly the total package. Citing relevant scientific literature as she describes information relevant to parents, Emily effectively and meaningfully bridges the gap between science and practice. Combined with examples from her own children and thoughtful analogies that bring theories to life, Emily is able to have a tremendous impact on and for a diverse group of people.  Seeing the work she put into the panel presentation, this is a professional who will clearly work tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of her clients.”

Dr. Jason Kilmer, University Research Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

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