Week 0 for Organize is officially over.


Our next step is to map it out. put it all into place. jigsaw our pieces. sketch the Summer of Love.

Here’s what you need: your June, July & August calendars. At least 1 weekly calendar, 1 me calendar – {you will need 11 of each by the end of the summer}… {haven’t printed them yet? no worries. they are all right here.}

Your values list. {it’s here}

your who-what-where, projects, chores, dailies & break-the-rules lists. {here}.

your ME pages. {and here}.


clear the dining room table and spread everything out…


Now. take a moment. I’m a color-code kinda gal, so I have lots of pencils for this work. You might be bolder- and go right for pens. Or more monochromatic, and just need one. Whatever works best for you.

Is there method to the madness? well….these are the moving parts we want to put into place.


  • First, mark any trips, vacations, in-law-arrivals, anything that changes the summer-as-usual schedule.
  • Next, assign a value to each week. {you can write it in the margins of the monthly calendars, or on the values line of the weekly ones. or both}
  • It might be tempting to start layering on the projects, chores, and daily grind. But not yet. First, we want to prioritize the w-w-w. Why? Because that way we know it will get done. It’s far too easy to get lost in the land of shoulds when we want to make sure we’re spending time in the land of fun. So, sprinkle a couple of w-w-w’s on each week, wherever they best fit. {and if you want to add a degree of difficulty, see if you can connect your w-w-w to your value for the week}.
  • Now you can add a project here and there. Be judicious. Spread them out. Don’t over promise. {more than one a week? are you sure?}
  • Are there days that are best for chores? Is there a routine you want to establish? add them in.

For the WEEKLY | ME

  • copy whatever you need from the monthly to the weekly. Some of us are detail freaks, others are more go-with-the-flow. So how much or how little is totally up to you.
  • full stop. this is important. gently hold your answers to the ‘me’ questions. look over them. decide which 2 or 3 are the most important for you to do every day. {and quit shaking your head at me. you really can do 3 things every day. just for you. for example: gratitude + word + 5 minutes of funny takes approximately 5 minutes and 17 seconds. you can do that. or any other combination}. OR you might want to bundle them 3 on one day, 2 another, etc. whatever you pick, put it on your ‘me’ calendar. {or the weekly one, whichever works best for you} Because I know you. If it isn’t there, it’s not going to happen. Or at least not as often as it should. {the ‘me’ calendar provided is just a suggested list. You can make it whatever you’d like. and if you want something else- designed just for YOU? send me a message, I will happily happily happily make you your own unique ‘me calendar’.}
  • now add on the daily stuff- the things that structure your routine.

For the rest:

  • did you worry that I forgot the break-the-rules list? I didn’t. This is the sheet to keep in your proverbial back pocket. It’s your go-to when the schedule for the day completely collapses. Think of it as your Mary Poppins carpet bag- the kids will be amazed at what you can pull out. Best saved for emergencies.
  • are you wondering why there is a space for feelings on the weekly calendar? don’t worry. we’ll get there.

And NOW?

  • now sit back, relax. breathe. welcome to the Summer of Love. And this is just the beginning.



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