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Welcome. Welcome to new times. Times we haven’t experienced before. And that can be unsettling. And stressful. And scary. And it can feel that way for our kiddos, too. Times we haven’t experienced before don’t come with road maps, or plans, or directions. They come with a wide-open sense of wonder about what comes next.

Here’s what’s next right here. Some of you have been around for the Evolving Parents Summer of Love. It’s a free program that runs each summer, all summer long. Right now it’s time to create a similar program for right now–Our Social Spring. A time and a place to feel connected to our community, to share our parenting strategies, and celebrate our kiddos.

What are the details?

  • Once a week-ish (because we know this ‘new normal’ is changing by the day, and we’ll adapt right along with it) you will get a handcrafted email.
  • Each one focuses on a small change for you that creates an enormous impact on your parenting (and all of your other relationships, too.) to help you be and feel connected.
  • A change that makes life in a socially distanced world easier, and more full of joy.
  • You’ll have a chance to click it, or save it. Whatever way works best for you.
  • For the extroverts, we have a facebook group where we can gather to discuss — ideas – successes – strategies. {worry not, introverts, the content comes to you in our emails. the FB stuff? that’s simply there for support}.
  • By the time summer arrives, we’ll have created a string of the best kind of moments. A string of emotional twinkle lights. full of love. The best roadmap anyone could have in new times.

so simple. it begins with your email. we do the rest.

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Ready to make it even more Social? Please invite all of your friends to join us, too. Because we will make it through this. And when we do it together? It’s even better.

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