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Welcome to Parenting Bites Podcasts. Little morsels of delicious moments to listen to– exploring the truth that who we want to be as parents is just as much a part of the job as what we want to do.

The podcasts are posted with the most recent one at the top. You can, of course, listen to these in any order you please. If you want to begin at the start, and learn why there is a picture of a marshmallow, scroll on down to the bottom of the page and work your way up.

P.S. can you keep something under wraps? we’re pretty excited! Soon these will be available on iTunes. More info when it happens!


Episode 14: Remember when you first fell in love? And you were sure it was the love for the ages? That you’d never stop feeling exactly this rush of nerves and joy and togetherness? When you stayed up late and then slept snuggled like spoons? And now….and now….there are kids. and morgages. and the purchasing of durable goods. Ready to return? to put the va-va-voom back in your Valentine? Return to Us. Love listening to Gretchen? Follow her here!


Episode 13:  Standing on a Bridge | What do we see? Fear | No Fear.
{aka Emily’s crazy grand adventure trespassing (eek!) with Kelli. And all that she learned from it. [maybe it wasn’t 1000 feet. but it was close enough.]}


Episode 12: No guilt. repeat after us. NO GUILT. and don’t get sucked down the black hole. {and…more to come on the 411 and where to find it coming soon!}


Episode 11: Are you Perfect? come to the land of ‘ish’ & ‘and’. {and here’s the link to the blog post mentioned.}


Episode 10: now? or now? or maybe….now?!?!? when to start a family…..


Episode 9: parenting: when to push, when to pull. When do we push our kids to help them grow? And when do we pull them in and give them space to rest?


Episode 8:  Kids & Anger. How to help them & help ourselves.


Episode 7: To-do, to-be. we begin by mentioning back-to-school. But then we get straight to the big stuff: kindergarten & senior year, and how we shift from doing for them, to being with them.

Episode 6: When Parenting Gets Dark–postpartum. We are so thrilled, aren’t we? Shouldn’t we be? If we aren’t thrilled, we secretly worry, doesn’t that make us not a good mom? a worthy mom? Doesn’t it mean we don’t love our baby? It means none of those things at all. It means this big, huge, life-altering experience has changed us. And we can get love & support & help to come back into the light.

Episode 5: Return To Me. {and by me I mean YOU}. We’ve had a fabulous class! But don’t worry, it’s not over. Not by a long shot. You can absolutely still join and participate fully in the program. For all the details, here it is.

And remember, as always, the technology part of any class is completely optional. Because the extroverts? they love that stuff. but us introverts? we’re pretty darn pleased when we get to think, reflect, and write on our own. So worry not–if group Facebooks pages aren’t your style, all content will still come to you.


Episode 4: miscarriages. finding your feelings and joining the sisterhood.


Episode 3: full families. is there idea spacing between kiddos? how do you know when you are “done”? and what if you and your partner have different answers to this question?


Episode 2: acknowledging expectations. parenting is hard work. dealing with our preconceived notions makes it even harder. here’s how to let go.


Episode 1: the importance of leading an unbalanced life. {and why there is a picture of a s’more}


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