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featuredsqr-newbaby-program-evolving-parents-emily-mcmasonOh, baby. Looking for a fabulous shower gift? Do you remember the newborn haze? The time of impossibly darling onesies and impossible-to-imagine exhaustion? How can we support a dear friend (or ourselves!) best during this time? Why not a shower of wisdom? Here it is. A Way to Welcome the New Baby.

shower the new baby

featuredsqr-sleep-program-evolving-parents-emily-mcmasonSleep. Remember sleep? Let’s get you back to that. Or as close to back-to-that as we can. Because the exhaustion you feel right now? Parenting doesn’t need to be this way. I’ve been to sleep school {a post-graduate program entirely dedicated to sleep} so that you don’t have to. Let’s get you from nightmares to sweet dreams, shall we?

get some sleep

featuredsqr-discipline-program-evolving-parents-emily-mcmasonDiscipline. That feeling. The feeling you have when tempers flair, words get louder, and steam might actually start pouring out of your ears… And the thoughts are racing through your mind: How did we get here? Why does this keep happening? What can I do differently? When will this ever end? It ends now. here.

help me!

evolving parents evolvingparents parent coaching parentcoaching personal coach parentcoach lifecoach emily mcmason emilymcmason infant sleep infantsleep discipline siblings summer of love summeroflove parentingvalues values newbabygiftFatherhood. It’s like the garage. Sometimes it’s neat and orderly and you can find exactly the tool you’re looking for. Other times, the clutter turns into chaos, and we mumble ‘if I could only find…’ Welcome to the Tool Belt. A Father’s Day gift for Dads. Or, another way to say, a gift for fathers every day. Any day, any month of the year. Buy it for him, buy it for yourself.

strap on the tool belt
featuredsqr-summer-program-evolving-parents-emily-mcmasonSummer. when the days of parenting can feel even longer. So let’s make sure they’re filled with joy. Each week there are simple posts, easy ideas, fabulous ways to connect with your kiddos all summer long.
By the time September arrives, we’ll have created a string of the best kind of moments. A string of emotional twinkle lights. full of love.

 summer of love free program

featuredsqr-siblings-program-evolving-parents-emily-mcmasonSiblings. So. You have two (or more) kiddos. And you thought it would mean so much for your first born to have a pal. A comrade. A robin-for-their-batman. A Laura-for-their-Mary. And now what you have is… more than twice the parenting work. We’re going to help the kids navigate the world of siblings & help preserve your sanity.

get peace

featuredsqr-me-program-evolving-parents-emily-mcmasonMotherhood. Do you ever look at your life and wonder, where am I? Because we lose ourselves in motherhood. We become a mama and we set aside the woman. And when we come up for air and try to find her again, she is missing.But it is more complex than just a search & rescue. Because the woman who was there no longer exists. So it’s actually a search & discovery mission.

 come (re)discover you.

Does your life feel like a bit of this and a mix of that? wishing you could have all the programs rolled into one? well, of course you can! We can meet one-on-one and craft parenting changes just for you. Here’s how.

Emily is a gift.

Matt, Olympia, WA

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