Q & A

QandASo…where should we begin? It seems a bit daunting to pick Book One. But instead of going straight into over-think-itis, I’m going to go straight to my bookshelf. Well, actually, straight to my dining room table. Because this is the book we open every morning. It is written for one child, but there is plenty of space to record the answers for two {or more}.

The premise? Each day there is a question for you to pose to your kiddos, and then write down their response. For example, the question for July 8th: which three words do you like the sound of? {the answers at my house were from Eleanor- tree, bee, knee and Cole- zanzibar, rutabaga, Mont Saint Michel} or August 3rd: what do you feel when you’re playing an instrument or painting a picture? {Eleanor – It feels like queasiness in my tummy and I enjoy it. Cole- content}. Each page has lines for the questions to be answered 3 time. In other words, the book lasts for 3 years. As the subtitle says ‘1,095 conversations with your kids’.

There are days when the answers are mundane. Others when they are predicable. But just when I think I know what a child will say, their response completely blindsides me. And that is delightful. It is as if I get a secret glimpse into their own private world.

I’ve already given the book as a gift for a dear friend’s birthday. {there’s no need to begin on January 1, just jump right in and go!} And, maybe, just maybe, there is another copy on my self awaiting the answers for 2016, ’17 and ’18.

So here it is. Book One. With an easy link over to amazon for you to order. Q & A a Day for Kids: A Three-Year Journal. I’d love to hear about the responses you get at your dining room table. Keep me posted.

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