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whereami2 evolving parents evolvingparents parent coaching parentcoaching personal coach parentcoach lifecoach emily mcmason emilymcmason infant sleep infantsleep discipline siblings summer of love summeroflove parentingvalues values newbabygift valueaddedhappinessThis class is one of my favorite things. It is a time when we get to set aside our parenthood and return to our personhood.

I knew the name —  Return to Me. I kept tinkering, trying to find the just-right format. The best time of year. The near-perfect mixture of laughter and tears. And then this happened.
A mama quietly repeated a conversation from the night before.

“I feel like I’ve lost you,” he said.
I feel like I’ve lost me, too.”

And I knew. I knew from her reply that it was time.  And Return to Me was born.

Because we lose ourselves in motherhood. In fatherhood. We become a parent and we set aside the person.
And when we come up for air and try to find them again, they are missing.

But it is more complex than just a search & rescue. Because the woman or man who was there no longer exists. So it’s actually a search & discovery mission.

Rescues happen with bright lights and helicopters. Big. Loud. Obvious machines.
Discoveries need quiet time and a guided path. Requiring tools of silence. Support. And wisdom.


What this program looks like:

  • 6 weeks. It is designed for you to work it over a month and a half. But guess what? the time doesn’t really matter. You might race through it, you might savor it, you might get interrupted occasionally by calls for Moooooommmm. Take it at the pace that’s right for you. There’s no such thing as getting behind. Your time is on time.
  • 4 workbooks. beautiful, thoughtful. with just enough pages for us to find ourselves, but not so many that we get lost along the way. Each one will be sent to you to download and print. Your story, written your way.
  • 1 gaggle of amazing people. Together on our private group Facebook page are rich, lovely conversations for us to share who we were, who we are, and who we are becoming. A place for us to go deeper, and travel personally. This is especially for the extroverts. You love that stuff. But us introverts? we’re pretty darn pleased when we get to think, reflect, and write on our own. So worry not–if group Facebook pages aren’t your style, any new content created in the moment will  be sent happily along to your inbox.
  • 1 you. not to worry. we’ll help you find them.
  • and as many friends as you’d like to gather.


a few of the things we will explore:

  • telescopes & microscopes. looking back in time to childhood and looking closely at our lives today.
  • front yards & back yards. what we show the world & how we really live.
  • the power of envy & and how to harness it for good.
  • crystal balls & snow globes. how walking our true path now clears the way for our future.


So welcome. Welcome back and welcome forward. Click below to join the program. Then make a cup of tea. Pour yourself a glass of wine. Take a bite of chocolate. And know that you are right around the corner. Class begins February 26th.

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The result was even better than I could have hoped for

The result was even better than I could have hoped for. Thank you for this experience. It's absolutely tremendous. Thank you so much for all your words of wisdom.”

Stacee, Bellingham, WA




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