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Remember? Remember when you first fell in love? And you were sure it was the love for the ages? That you’d never stop feeling exactly this rush of nerves and joy and togetherness? When you stayed up late and then slept snuggled like spoons?

And now….and now….there are kids. and mortgages. and the purchasing of durable goods. And the bed seems more like a jumbled utensil drawer with all of the people popping in & out & waking you up in the middle of the night.

It’s time to wind back the clock and spend a month of  falling back in love.
  • To be a pair of adults who hang out together.
  • Laugh together.
  • Tell stories together.
  • Are…together.

Even in the midst of crazy, everyday life. Especially then.

Return to Us is a program designed especially for the two of you.

To get back to the beginning. The place where your story started.

And then spend the month doing little things differently that bring about big emotional & actional change.
(yes, actional really is a word. I’d hoped to make one up. Because Shakespeare did it all the time. And this is about love, so I think he’d have forgiven us).

Return to Us is a program that is crafted to take you back to the heart of the matter. The two of you.

This is a program for both of you. Two people taking one program? sweet! It means you each only have to do half the work.  The content is fast-paced and action oriented. It is also hand-crafted and distilled to get right to the deep stuff and make great changes. Not too yin, not too yang. Not too touchy, not too feel-y. Not all about you-you-you, or me-me-me. And it definitely isn’t about what’s wrong. It’s all about remembering what’s right, and making now even right-er.

Some of what we will look at includes:

  • when you focus on the day it lead to more interesting evenings.
  • how telling the story of falling in love takes you back & leads you forward to the connection you crave.
  • why not talking about the kids makes you a better connected couple.
  • what easy, small actions create big, lasting changes.

What this program will look like:

  • 28 days. Yes. Yes. Valentine’s Day is important. But what about the other 364 days of the year? We’re going to use one month (well, 28 days of one month) to bring back the romance, the connection, the desire, the laughter, the us. 
  • 4 sets of directions. written for one week at a time, the chapters for success. Crafted with plenty of detail, but laced with plenty of room to make it yours. just right for the two of you.
  • 2 of you. doesn’t that just sound amazing?

Welcome. Welcome back to the two of you.

Click below to join. Remember it is for you both–so you only pay for one. Then pour a glass of wine.
Grab a beer. Or water or tea or lemonade or whatever you’re drinking these days. Put up your feet once you’ve moved the toys off the coffee table and relax.
And know that your story is about to get even better.


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The workbook has been really great for our marriage

“The workbook has been really great for our marriage. It's been the perfect platform for us to have real discussions about parenting.”

Meghan, Tumwater, WA

Want to know a little bit more? Listen to our Podcast about it! Episode 14.




  • Q: What exactly, is Return to Us? A: it is a class, with no grades. A program, with no boring sections. A valentine, one that doesn’t wilt. Is it a calendar to mark your change. 28 days of material to move the way you think. see. hear. act. and love.
  • Q: We hardly see each other, how can we do this together? A: Return to Us is built upon asynchronous connection — a fancy shmancy way of saying it is written with the assumption that you won’t be in the same room at the same time doing the same thing. And if you are? well that’s just a double bonus.
  • Q: What if one of us is really interested, and the other, well, isn’t? A: Return to Us is designed to help you. To help you see your partner, hear your partner, think about your partner in {re}new ways. So you can absolutely take this class solo.
  • Q: What if we get behind? A: There is no such thing. Yes, I’ve said it happens over the 28 days of February. The calendar is there as a framework. You are invited to set your own pace, proceeding daily, weekly, occasionally, whatever is right for you.
  • Q:  we’re having a really hard time right now. Is Return to Us right for us right now? A: Relationships can hit some incredibly tough times. Return to Us program is designed to be a way to redirect & refocus. It is about remembering what was good, and reminding us how there are little ways we can see things differently / think differently / act differently that together add up to seismic change. It isn’t going to ask you to talk about what’s wrong. Instead, it is there to help you build {anew} what can be right. So yes, come join us. You are not alone. Lots of others are signing up for the same reasons.
  • Q: We are busy. How long will it take? A: Return to Us is designed in bite-sized pieces so it is practical to add into your everyday life. Like 28 mini spa treatment for our couple-hood. Each week has a theme, and the daily actions build one on the next (but exist separately, so if you skip over one, no biggie). At the end of the week there is a larger, culminating activity. Then it begins again. There will be extra credit assignments–you know fun ideas to try if you are looking for more.
  • Q: What is the cost? A: This month-long Valentine costs $147. That total is for both of you. Now, if you are a how-much-is that-per-day kinda person, It means you are paying $147 for two people for 28 days…makes it $2.62 a day. One less coffee, one fabulous valentine.
  • Q: We’re used to you being a parent coach, what have people said about working with you as a personal coach? A: “Whenever we get stuck, my husband always says ‘Will you please call Emily? She’ll know exactly what we should do.’ ” “Emily is amazing! The work she has done with us has been life changing. It has allowed my husband and I to be ourselves and has made our communication so much better.”  “Thank you Emily. You truly are a blessing for my wife and I. Your work is tremendous.” {It makes me blush a bit to list them, so if you’d like to read more, here’s a link to accolades.}


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