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So. You have two {or more} kiddos. And you thought it would mean so much for your first born to have a pal. A comrade. A robin-for-their-batman. A Laura-for-their-Mary. And now what you have is… more than twice the parenting work.

Because while having a sibling can be great fun, you are often so busy trying to referee the rivalry that there is hardly time to hang out and enjoy them.

Here’s our plan:

We’re going to help the kids navigate the world of siblings & help preserve your sanity.

Here’s how:

We will start by talking about each player in the drama- finding out the personality, temperament, age and stage of development for each of your darlings. Next, we’ll add you in the mix. For as much we consider ourselves merely the directors, turns out, we’re some of the actors as well. So we’ll examine your parenting style, your own temperament. We’ll look at where you will feel in the flow, and when you may find parenting more challenging. After this, we’ll study the confluences- how the kids interact with each other and with you. We’ll discuss a dozen tools I’ve developed to help parent siblings. Finally, we’ll set the stage. Configuring your schedules and activities to increase positive connections and minimize the opportunities for strife, all the while staying within the boundaries of real life. Then we’ll check-in a couple of times after all the new pieces are in play, to make sure life at home a place where everyone plays nicely. {$225}

Sound like a plan? Let’s get started.

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Her guidance made all the difference

“Emily had the insight and patience to help discern both my ‘big picture’ goal as well as the necessary steps to get there.  Her guidance, full of encouraging words and many practical tips, made all the difference.”

Jill, San Antonio, TX


Is your siblings question specific instead of systemic? No worries! Hop right over here to contact me and we can book an individual session to address your siblings needs.



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