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Sleep deprivation erodes our confidence, destroys our equilibrium, undermines our abilities. And then there’s what it does to the kids. It leaves us all crazy.

In short, it leaves us crazy. Parenting doesn’t need to be this way. I’ve been to sleep school (a post-graduate program entirely dedicated to sleep) so that you don’t have to. Let’s get you from nightmares to sweet dreams, shall we?

I love you Emily McMason

“It is 7:00 in our house, and our kids are in bed. We had dinner together, had no TV for the night, and I can spend time with my husband. I love you Emily McMason.”

Megan, Olympia, WA

Yes, there will be times when sleep is more challenging than others {hello, four month old}. But we can create simple and effective routines that respond to the sleep needs of our little ones and leave us with time in the evenings to relax. {yes, you read that right. time to yourself. I can see you getting giddy at the mere thought of it.}

How much sleep should your child be getting? here are the numbers, – infant through adolescent.


Whether you are co-sleeping or cribbed, in toddler beds or twins, with four levels of sleep support, we can make sleep happen. Here’s how:

the wink.

Worried about what is going on with naps? Wondering why your child waking in the night? The wink is for you. A 15 minute chat in which we get right to the heart of the issue, and make a plan for how to get it right. {$40}

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the blink.

Wondering how to make bedtime blissful? Trying to make sleep transitions that aren’t effective? The blink is here with the help you need. A 30 minute dialogue in which we talk about what is going on, why it is happening, and how to get sleep back on track, setting the stage for sleep to be successful at your house. {$90}

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the nod.

Do you remember the last time your little one slept well? Concerned about the sleep habits that are happening at your house? Want to know what is ahead for your little one’s sleep stages? The nod is here to provide in-depth answers. A 50 minute conversation in which we discuss your child’s sleep development, what their sleep should look like, what’s happening in the brain during sleep, how to get things back on track, and how to stay how to be prepared for what’s ahead. {$135}

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the dream.

We begin with the end in mind. We’ll talk about your sleep goals – for you child, yourself, the whole family. We’ll work together to get an in-depth understanding of what sleep is {or isn’t} happening right now. We’ll compare that to your child’s biological sleep needs. We will look at the family schedule, to see how real life is impacting rest. We’ll talk about the sleep environment and how small changes can greatly improve sleep habits. Next we will chat about your parenting philosophy and how you like to structure change. We will tailor the transition process, in a way that works for you, your family, and your lifestyle. We’ll create an easy-to-follow plan so everyone in the family knows what to do and how to help. This supreme sleep support includes an initial sleep assessment, our 50 minute consultation, a family sleep plan, and check-ins after day 1, day 3, week 1 and week 2 and week 4 to assess how it is going and make any adjustments. {$310}

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