sumbud. summer buddy. somebody.

time to make a friend. or renew and old friendship. or upsell an acquaintanceship.

in other words, find someone in our group {you can look through the list on our Facebook group here}. or invite a friend who isn’t yet a Summer of Love junkie to join you as your sumbud. {and then direct them here & here to get started} the person you’ll be checking in with. your accountability partner. a face in the crowd with whom your are going to share the summer. they might live next door. or in the next state. or next time zone. doesn’t matter. reach out. connect.

For all the extroverts- of course you can have more than one sumbud. For all the introverts cringing at the thought of even one? I believe in you. {but totally understand if you chose to be your own sumbud}

if someone asks, and, for whatever reason {too many sumbuds, not quite ready to be a sumbud, etc} you need to politely decline, try: thank you for reaching out, and I need to respectfully decline. and if you were the asker? no worries. we’re a group full of potential sumbuds.

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