summer of love 2015 — week 1


ladybugs. they just might be the tiniest-littlest-best-thing-ever.

remember how you felt about ladybugs when you were little? have you watched your child as their eyes go wide and they suck in a breath and the smile bursts across their face when they see one?

we’re going for that. exactly that feeling. So often we start summer with grandiose plans that, short of hiring an entire support staff, are impossible to pull off.

No more. Not this summer. This summer we begin with plans that are ladybug-sized. How do we start? by clicking right here. Then download & print. Pretty good so far, right?

Next step?

Interview your kids. Ask them a few questions. like this: what is the tiniest-littlest-best-thing-ever that you want to do this summer? It has to be small. small like a ladybug. It can’t be going to the moon, that’s toooooo big. But it can be stretching out on the grass, looking at the sky, and watching the moon rise. It can’t be going to the North Pole to meet a polar bear, that’s tooooo big. But it can be trekking to the library and learning all we can about the cutest, whitest bears and reading books like this. And as a bonus we might make it to the zoo to see them. so, what’s the tiniest-littlest-best-thing-ever that you want to do this summer?

record their responses. right there on your sheet.

then ask the next person. and the next. make sure to get answers from every person, big or small, in your family. And don’t forget you. One tiniest-littlest-best-thing-ever per person. Grab your calendar. Where are the best dates for each adventure? Plan accordingly.

Does the calendar seem a little bit bare? You can do a second round. But remember, stay small. One round may be plenty. We don’t want to have a rushed-pushed-crammed summer. We want to enjoy these moments.

Before you leave for each adventure, maybe make a paper crown for the person who came up with that tiniest-littlest-best-thing-ever to wear {only if they want to}. or have them make their own. Or do some other goofy fun thing to announce who had this idea. {everyone wants to be acknowledged for their great ideas, right?} and definitely download another copy of this. why? so when you are at each person’s tiniest-littlest-best-thing-ever, you can take notes. or your kiddos can. while you take pictures. bring home brochures. but remember to soak in the moment, too.

ahhhh. summer. glorious, kick-back, ladybug-sized, wonderful, adventurous summer.

Want just a little bit more? Here’s this week’s audio extra–at around 5 minutes long it is all about short, sweet, summer.

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