summer of love 2015 — week 10

Week 10.

I’ve got to be honest. I didn’t want to write this one. Because it means our summer of being together is over. Our time of shifting gears, changing patterns, finding joy is wrapping up.

And I’ve loved all of the times you’ve written back to me. Full of thanks. Or surprise. Or I-just-had-to-share moments.

I love being a part of your lives. A part of your family. So week 10 is all about spreading the Summer of Love throughout the year.

10 times. Grab your 2015-16 calendars and mark 10 days. 10 days of intentional parenting, marking new traditions. It might be visiting 10 parks. Or 10 times to talk about important topics. Or 10 days you are going to cook together in the kitchen. Or 10 visits to grandparents, cousins, friends who live far enough away planning is necessary.

10 times between now and the start of Summer of Love 2016. The days might be once a month. They might be clustered together. They might be over a collection of three-day weekends, or on your scheduled Thursday night visits.

Mark it on your calendar now. Make it happen before the every-day-stuff fills in every-moment-of-the-day. And as you decide on each day, add in details about what you want to do, where you want to go, what you want to say. Mark them in ink. Make them a priority. Don’t let pressure around this-other-thing or that-other-event take their place.

10 times in the next 10 months to saturate the moment. To be fully, completely, utterly here with your kids. Then make a note–email Emily. Tell me what you did and how it went and what you are planning for the next time.

Because while the Summer of Love 2015 might be done, our time together doesn’t end. I’m here for your. Always.


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