summer of love 2015 — week 2

This week? 10 seconds. Twice a day. That’s all I want from you. That’s all I need for you. Because that 20 seconds? It is going to change all the other 86, 380 seconds between today and tomorrow.

How? So glad you asked.

We’re going to change it all in two moments of gratitude. This week, I need your full attention the moment you wake up and the seconds before you drift into sleep. That’s it. 10 seconds to bookend your day. In those two times, we’re going to reflect on what is it that fills you with gratitude.

Click this, print it out. Tuck it on the bedside table. Don’t forget a pen. Ready?

In the morning, as you hear an alarm go off, or a baby cry, or a toddler call your name, pause, for a few seconds. Before you get pulled into the must-do’s, the to-do’s, the oh-no-I-didn’t-yet-do’s, stop. Think about yourself. Not you-as-partner, or you-as-parent, just you. What is it about your life that you love? What is it about yourself that you appreciate? Breathe that in. Write it down. Then turn to the rest of today’s to-do’s.

In the evening, after you’ve tucked everyone else in, reflect on the day. What was the one moment with your child that stays in your mind? What sticks out as a jolt of joy? When did you crack an unexpected smile? That’s the time to keep. The memory to save. Jot it down. Then slip under the covers and dream.

In the middle of the night, when you get woken up by a little one? In that moment, as you hear them cry out, grab hold of one great thing. See if you can flip the groan to a smile, a little grin. It is a hard time in parenting life when sleep is disrupted. Take an extra moment for gratefulness. And remember, in those hours of darkness. I’m right there with you.

Want more? Here’s this week’s audio extra–at around 5 minutes long. It includes details about what gratitude does for us both emotionally & physically. Here’s to the best summer ever. 20 seconds at a time.

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