summer of love 2015 — week 3


Week 3. This week it is all about the Mississippi.

Why? Because thinking, spelling, saying Mississippi takes time. And when we are trying to get our kids to follow our directions? We tend to rush. Because we tend to want them to follow our directions absolutelypositivelyrightnow.

But usually?

They don’t.

They hem. They haw. They daaaaaaaaaawdle. But they especially do that when we are pushingpushingpushing for them to do it rightnow.

So make a little  s  p  a  c  e.   Give them a little room. Count three Mississippis slloooooowly in your head before you ask again. And if they still haven’t responded? Go to them. Do with them. Start what you want to see. {please note, I’m not saying do it for them. Of course not. But if we are simply next to them, it helps. If we hand them the first shirt to fold, it helps. If we brush our own teeth when we want them to brush theirs, it helps.}

3 Mississippi. It gives you room to breathe. Gives your child time to change course. Keeps everyone calm. Cool. Avoiding confrontation. It ends the talking-too-much too-fast too-soon. It reminds us that if they are having a tough time listening, we should try something new.

The power of the mighty Mississippi. Would a printable help? Here’s a little reminder sheet you can print, cut & tape up all over the house.

Want more on the Mississippi? This week’s audio!


Want to go back and review? week 2 was for 2 gratitudes. week 1 was for 1 ladybug sized thing.

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