summer of love 2015 — week 6

Week 6. This week’s focus ties back to the last one. [Did you, cough, cough, skip over that one? That’s okay. Click here to read week 5, then come back here for week 6.]

5 times. Five times a day last week you bit your tongue, held your thoughts, enjoyed the moment.

Week 6? it is all about making the moments more.

How? Like this: Keep your practice from last week. Keep stopping before you correct or criticize five times each day. And instead compliment your child. But don’t give them any-old praise. Instead of complimenting what they do, compliment who they are.

  • Your laugh sounds like magic.
  • Your eyes sparkle more than the stars.
  • I love listening to your ideas as you solve a problem.
  • Your face shows your concentration when you draw.
  • Your muscles get stronger every time you run.
  • I can hear the confidence growing in your voice each time you read to me.

[for more on the importance of process instead of product, check out Carol Dweck’s Mindset ]

Last week was about stopping five times. This week is for replacing each critique with a  compliment. Which leaves us with one extra, right?

For compliment #6, start the day in a new way. Each morning, when you first greet your child, tell them. Tell them with a smile, a hug, and words how wonderful they are, no matter what they do. Love. That’s unconditional.

audio extra? here it is! xoxo.


Want to go back and review?

week 5 was for 5 moments to enjoy.
week 4 was for 4 out the door.
week 3 was for 3 Mississippi.
week 2 was for 2 gratitudes.
week 1 was for 1 ladybug sized thing.

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