summer of love 2015 — week 8

A funny thing happened on my way to week 8. Early last spring I sat down to design Summer of Love 2015. And I knew I wanted the content to be fresh and all new. I wanted it to build, one week to the next, so I designed it to increase in number: 1 ladybug, 2 gratitudes…you know the rest. And I had a plan for week 8. Solid. Ready to go. But as the weeks passed and we got closer, I thought…this doesn’t quite feel right. I want week 8 to be something else. And I kept coming back to questions.

During the school year we are busy asking things like Did you pack your lunch? Where are your boots? What homework do you have tonight? that we don’t have much time for personal questions. Questions that give us a glimpse of the child within. Summer, with its different rhythms, is a great time for deep, quirky, off-the-beaten-path questions.

Great! I thought. Week 8! I’ll change it to be all about questions. Except…I could feel the tug. The vague memory that maybe we’ve done this before. So I went back to Summer of Love 2014. And guess what. Week 8? It was all about questions for your kids.

So clearly, week 8’s from here forward in our future Summers of Love will be questions for kids. It’s our new tradition. What will change is how we do it and what we ask. So this week? New questions, new format. It’s all right here. A question a day for 7 days. wait, wait! I hear you thinking! this is week 8! yes. Don’t worry, we get to 8. You’ll have to click here to download and find out.

week 8 audio extra? here it is! xoxoxo.

week 7 was for 7 deadly parenting sins.
week 6 was for let’s talk about six.
week 5 was for 5 moments to enjoy.
week 4 was for 4 out the door.
week 3 was for 3 Mississippi.
week 2 was for 2 gratitudes.
week 1 was for 1 ladybug sized thing.

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