summer of love 2017 — week 1

It’s the beginning of summer. And everything feels possible. We have all of these Great Big Plans. We’re going to go there. And then do this. And after that, tackle that. Annnnnnnddd…..the days slip by into weeks and we land in September without it feeling or looking like we thought it would.

Not. This. Summer.

This summer we are going to be master of the Tiny Small Plans. We are going to take our big ideas and shape them, mold them, pull away layers of them, until they are small. And doable. And fun.

Summer of Love isn’t about bright stadium lights. It’s about twinkle lights. Because that’s where the magic is.

Because the Big? It backfires. Planning a huge day in the city, or a long weekend of back-to-back events? The meltdown (theirs or ours) is inevitable. The victories come when we are Tiny.

So this week, look for the Impossibly Small. And then grow it. Just a little. A small push. Turning something mundane into something spectacular.

What will it be? Well, you might decide to show up at the end of soccer practice with squirt guns, ready to soak each other. Or you may pick up pizza and tell everyone there’s a picnic pajama party in the back yard. Or cancel the first hour of errands on a Saturday morning to build a fort out of blankets in the living room.

Do something small, just one thing, that creates feelings that are big. Feelings that connect you to your kids. When we are together, when we laugh together, we do more than connect, we lower our stress–and theirs. Laughter metabolizes stress.

So Week One? Do one something Tiny that leads to great laughter. Then you are done. Revel in your success.

And then? If you want, let me know about it. Jump on over to our Facebook page (if that’s your kind of thing), and share your experience. Read what other’s have done, and maybe try some of those out, too. But only if they are Tiny. Because what works as Tiny for a 6 year-old, would be epic for a 2 year-old. And what seems Small for an extrovert is enormous for an introvert. You know yourself, your kids. Keep it the right size of Tiny for you.


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