summer of love 2017 — week 3

Summer of Love. Can you believe it is already week 3? While last week we practiced Seeing the Invisible Good, and the week before we were Doing Just One Thing to make the everyday, mundane stuff more fun, this week is all about you.

And it’s why this week’s email is arriving just before the weekend. Because while parenting is about our work with our kids, we are more than just parents. We are people. We are people with big needs. Don’t worry—we’re not going to rearrange your life or start you on a health kick or anything like that.

It’s Summer of Love, so that means what? We’re doing something small. And this week’s small is about That Thing. That small, low-grade annoyance that you notice every day you walk by it and it still isn’t done. And weekends are often when we tackle them (or at least think about it).

This week(end), it’s time to plan to do it. Maybe that means scheduling someone professional, or calling someone friendly who has professional-level skills and will trade work for food, or beverages, or laughter, or arranging childcare so you have uninterrupted time to get it done yourself.

It might be hanging a picture (but not putting them up all over the house). It might be cleaning out a shelf or drawer (but not the whole closet). It might be sending a quick note (email, text, Morse code, whatever) to your old roommate to say hi (but it isn’t calling everyone who lived in the house together). We aren’t tackling anything big—because let’s be honest, that task would never get totally done. And even thinking about that big task can make our palms sweat or put a knot of dread in our stomachs. Those big things? That’s for another time.

This is the time for Doing Something Small. So take a breath, look around. What’s that One Small Thing that’s been tickling the back of your brain for days or weeks or months or years? That’s the one. Time to get it done.

And afterwards? Don’t even think ab0ut doing the next one. Instead, celebrate what did get accomplished. And by all means, take a picture (maybe even before and after shots) and share them on our Facebook page. We’ll get to cheer each other on and find inspiration for ourselves (and maybe discover the expert you need for the next small thing!)


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