summer of love — week 1

Here’s week 1:

{did you miss week O for organize? it’s right here.}


wk1d1EPover the last few days there was a lot of writing. about, for the most part, everyone else. today? today is the day to set aside a few quiet minutes for you. so often we wear ourselves out in service to others, and we forget that we matter, too. not today. not this summer. we each count. starting now. beginning here


w2d2ss Our next step is to map it out. put it all into place. jigsaw our pieces. sketch the Summer of Love. So grab all of the work you have done, and go here to make your map.



w2d3b today, we breathe. Just breathe. slowly. deliberately. breathe and take in all that is around you. make a note & remind yourself to do it again in a few hours. once more in the afternoon. and then just before bed. breathe.


w1d4value1Values. we’ve picked them. Let’s figure out what’s next, shall we? {and if you haven’t quite made it to choosing your 11 yet, no worries. hop right over here and start. all you need for today is one.} Now that you have one value – and it is written down somewherefor example, on a calendar, what do we actually do with it? Here‘s where to go for ideas.


w1d5EPThank you. Thank you to everyone who has jumped right in and printed and organized and hubbed and valued. I love hearing back from you how much this matters to you. Ready for more? Here you go. And an equally huge thank you to everyone who isn’t there. who isn’t even close. who wrote to say I love it, but I am so far behind…I hear you…And here’s what we are going to do about it.

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