summer of love — week 6

week6It’s a midsummer night. Have you been following your dreams?

Six weeks ago we started this journey. Now is the mid-point. The pause. The time to breathe. To reflect. To check on your Dreams. Is summer unfolding more-or-less the way you had hoped?

Each day this week we’ll return to the beginning and reflect. Reassess. Regroup. Replan. {and, if you have joined us along the way, a chance to begin at the beginning, again!} Shift any of the more-or-less from the less to the more.

Because the beauty of summer is that it still has weeks to go. So we can still create change.

w6d1 Monday: {re}turn to your documentation. Are you tracking summer in some fabulously fun way? Are you catching the highlights? Making a way to track the magic? What tweaks need to happen? How can the kids get involved {if you want them to be} #epsummeroflove. So that next winter we can warm ourselves with our memories.


w6d2 Tuesday: {re}turn to your hub. What works? What was great in theory and not-so-fabulous in function? What do you need to rearrange? Redo? Take today to do it. Or plan it. Or both. What would you like to share with others about your system? Don’t be shy! Post pictures & ideas on our summer of love FB page!


w6d3 Wednesday: {re}turn to your calendars. What’s been helping you manage? What have you managed to ditch? Which ways work for you? Consolidate your system for the weeks ahead. What do the kiddo {and adult!}  ‘www‘ lists look like now? Cross out what has been done and prioritize what everyone most wants to do next. Have you remembered to break the rules? Oooh, yeah. Midsummer’s night dream is the perfect time for that.


w6d4 Thursday: {re}turn to values. What matters most? How have you been thinking about it? Talking about it? Doing it? Jump on over to the FB page and share about it.



w6d5 Friday: {re}turn to me. And by me I mean you. Summer is full of caring for our kids, but remember, we need to care for ourselves, too. So, pull out that slightly crumpled, possibly doodled-upon, maybe even lost sheet that was all about you. Can’t quite find it? Here it is. Have you done one? Two? Which ones are calling to you for the weeks ahead? claim them. write them. tell your sumbud about them so she can gently hold you accountable. because you matter.

Happy midsummer night’s dreaming.

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