summer of love — week 9



 plan a day-cation

Here. we. are. week 9. In the final stretch of the dog days of summer. {ever wonder why we call it that? it comes from the rising of Sirius, the brightest star in the constellation canis major}. Our to-do lists are shifting to include pencils, lunch bags and backpacks. Before we get consumed by what’s ahead in September, let’s linger here in summer just a little bit longer. And celebrate. How? In a sweet small way. A secret-ish get away. Not a full-blown vacation that would require pet sitters and plant waterers, but something so subtle the neighbors will never know. But you? You will know, and remember, and be different after the day is done.

w9d1Monday:  town or country? what have you always wanted to do in your city or its surrounds? You’ve lived here how long? And what are the things you’ve had on the back burner? The things you wanted to do but never managed to plan for? Today, dream it. Write them all out. Here‘s a set of parameters & questions to help you get the ideas flowing.


w9d2Tuesday: sumbud. Up to this point, it has been a noun. today, we’re changing it up. making it a verb. so sumbud your list. talk to them. Are you in the same region? Are there any items on both lists? Activities to do together? If yes, fabulous. If not, equally fabulous. Support each other’s ideas either way.


w9d3Wednesday: scour the calendar. Where is there a hole in the weeks ahead? What can you shift, cancel or ignore to create space for this, your day-cation. {and I double dog dare you to schedule two. one with the kiddos, and one, yes, just for you.}



w9d4Thursday: values. What is the value (from you list, or not) that you want to emphasize on your day-cation? Really, you can make the connection. And if there isn’t one from your original list, go back to master one, and make a match.


w9d5Friday: feelings. Planning a way to step out of our regular lives. How does it feel? Record it on the calendar.

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