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Do you ever wish for Parenting Pixie Dust?

A small handful you could sprinkle here and there to transform the mundane, the awkward and even the awful into the amazing, the magical, or simply delightful?

I know parenting can be exhausting.  Overwhelming. The everyday-ness can be grinding because we want to do it right.  And sometimes home feels a bit like a black and white tornado-strewn landscape.  And frankly, you’d like it to feel like Oz.  Full of color.  And songs.  And sweetness – no matter the age of your munchkins.

You’re a thoughtful parent. And you’re a dedicated professional – at home or in an office. Yet sometimes you get spun around and it is difficult to find your way forward.  Sometimes we all need help – someone we can talk to – someone who really gets it – someone who can guide us.  Someone who can help us find our Ruby Slippers.

Welcome.  You’ve landed in just the right place. The storm is behind you and there are clear skies up ahead. Because while I may not have a magic wand, my job is to be your Good Witch of the North. My work is to walk with you along your path – brick by yellow brick – until you reach the relationship with your child you yearn for. The home-life you hope for. The parenting place of your dreams.  Ready to take the first step?  Contact me and we can get started!

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Want more nitty gritty? Still wondering: what is this thing called coaching?

Curious to know about the road I walk as a parent?  You can read about my parenting adventures here.

Evolving together will be fabulous if:

  • You appreciate seeking professional advice, yet also want to strengthen your own parenting voice.
  • Parenting is a big part of what you do, but you don’t want to lose sight of who you are.
  • You’d love to worry less, and enjoy more.

A bit about me:

I am Emily McMason, sole (and soul) proprietor of Evolving Parents, personal & parent coaching services. I became a coach because I’ve always been a teacher and I believe a coaching model most effectively helps people and people-as-parents learn to become their best selves. I learn every day from my two munchkins, ages 12 and 7. Want to know more about me?

How Evolving Parents can help you:

Details. Details. Details.  Wondering what they are?  Click here.

Not in Kansas any more? Me neither. It doesn’t matter what your state of the union, we can connect. Coaching happens in person, over the phone, or by Skype.  But if you are in the Olympia, WA area, come on by!  My office is at 208 Rogers St. NW.

I have a special place in my heart for clients who:

  • Still make a wish when they blow out their birthday candles, even if it threatens to trigger the smoke alarm.
  • Turn up the volume and sing at the top of their lungs when a song from high school comes on, especially if the kids are begging you to stop.
  • Occasionally wonder – whose life is this that I am leading?
  • Are curious about the idea of being a helium, not a helicopter, parent.

Explore all the options, read about the results, reach out and connect.


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