wine* & whine

Imagine an evening in, with all your favorite parents. A night to ask all the questions that come to mind. A chance to experience Emily surrounded by laughter, with a glass of whatever-suits-you-best in hand. {*actual wine of course not necessary}.

Welcome to the


What could be more fun?

Wondering how to get one started? Here’s how:

gather together a group. all mamas. mamas & papas. all dads. whatever works best for you. {Minimum of ten}. Organize everyone’s food & beverage assignment {or leave it up to fate. I mean, really, is there such a thing as too much chocolate?}

Give me a jingle.

We set the time & date and voila! We’re ready to mingle. I’ll join you at someone’s house, in the big room of your favorite restaurant, wherever you’d like to meet. cost is $15 per parent, with a minimum of 10 peeps. Have a smaller group, then the price slides slightly up (5-9 parents is $30 / person). Have questions? Ready to get one on the calendar? contact me.

Adore your friends but don’t want to deal with managing the money? No problem. Have them click right here to buy their very own ticket for the evening.

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